A Wholesale Distribution Company

Beer-Lovers-Taste is a wholesale distribution company specialized in the import of german quality and organic beers.

Mission statement

At Beer Lovers Taste we believe that only the highest quality organic hops, malt and barley will do. Governed by the standards set in the German Purity Law of 1634, Beer Lovers Taste brings 6 exclusive organic beers to the South African market.  Our beer is brewed to perfection using traditional German techniques that result in the creation of truly unique flavours and superior quality. We are here to satisfy the consumer who searches for a high quality beer with a unique taste.

At Beer Lovers Taste we stock one of the biggest selection of organic German beers in South Africa. We also stock a variety of other quality German beers that give you a wide selection of true German flavour and diversity. It is our goal to provide unique beers that  present an alternative to the mainstream beers available through remaining in direct contact with organic and German  breweries. We are here to stimulate the taste buds of every beer lover and open the door to the unrivalled taste of organic beer.

The firm mainly operates in and around Cape Town providing a variety of Liquor Stores and selected restaurants with imported beers. Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to find out more about Beer Lovers Taste.